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The Birla family is renowned for its unwavering commitment to education, a legacy deeply intertwined with their storied history of business and philanthropy. This dedication to knowledge and community is evident in every facet of their endeavors.

Under the banner of Birla Open Minds, they have embarked on a transformative mission to reshape the landscape of education in India, assuming the role of catalysts for change in all educational spheres.

Key hallmarks of the brand include a well-researched curriculum, seamlessly integrated learning activities, and state-of-the-art campus facilities - all executed with meticulously planned schedules and operations.

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We engage learners through creative learning experiences. Creative expression across learning domains is invited, encouraged and celebrated.

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The focus of the curriculum is to connect what is taught and learned in the various subjects to life outside the classroom.

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Our focus is to take students away from rote learning, make them go beyond the textbooks and establish a real-life connection with the information that they gather at school.

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🗣️ Co-curriculars

Some of the greatest learning takes place outside the classroom and the focus of the curriculum is to apply the things taught in the classroom to real life. With creativity, innovation, and invention being the main pillars BOMIS excels beyond academic excellence in every way.

🏀 Extra-curriculars

Our approach honours the development of the child as a whole – intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially across ages. Community service, Taekwondo, Chess, Gymnastics, Athletics, Yoga, Theatre, Music, and more.

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Nursery block has an indoor play area with amazing games. Transport is well taken care of with lady escort for ward safety.

No pressure. Kid-friendly.

Not confined to the regular academics. They have monthly themes which covers out of the box topics. No pressure on kids. Kids-friendly culture. Kids enjoy learning here.

Himabindu Draksharam


Pre Primary teachers were very supportive and enthusiastic during pandemic time in online classes. A special thanks to all the teachers and principal. I highly recommend this school.

Indian culture

Must appreciate the way of teaching and also giving importance to extra-curricular activities, following our Indian culture. There is a impressive bonding between teachers and students.

Dipika Nanda


Hello Bindu ma’am, thank you so much for the amazing job you do. Knowing that you care of our kids gives us the confidence and reassurance we need through tough times like COVID. I am a new parent to this school and I find this a wonderfully disciplined and organised school in all aspects.

As a mom, I like their unique ways of teaching, their extra curricular activities, and their sports.

Confidence improvement

My child has been studying in this school for one year so far. I am very satisfied with the improvement in the confidence level in my child. I am also satisfied with the development in overall personality, speaking skills and physical capabilities.

Apurva Anand Mittal